The Proccess

Before and After

Assessment for Ohio (Only Handle It Once)

We hit the ground running, but with the belief that failing to plan is planning to fail.
We assess the situation and plan for organizing with a “no repeated steps” philosophy.

Gather and set aside trash

Identify and sort saleable items from trash and stage trash for removal.

Sort / Uncover / Discover / Research

All rooms / areas are thoroughly organized and sorted keeping in mind finding valuables that may not be outwardly apparent.  (Look in out of the way spots, sort though clothing pockets , etc.

Stage for sale

Organize, price and stage items for sale.  Showcase all items, but feature higher value sellers.


  • Estates Sales Net
  • Newspaper ads when applicable
  • Craig’s List
  • A&L website

The Estate Sale

After Sale Coordination

Broom Clean