Whether you are moving, helping relatives clean out their homes for a move, or settling the estate of a loved one, Appraisals and Liquidations owned by Ginney McCuin will be your go-to company.

Ginney and Jan are amazing at clearing out clutter, pricing your valuables fairly, organizing for the estate sale, working the sale, and cleaning the home afterwards so it looks fantastic.

I can’t thank Ginney, Jan, and Jen enough for making my move as stress-free as possible. These ladies are delightful to work with and try their best to help you maximize profits from your estate sale.

I highly recommend Appraisals and Liquidations for any estate sale needs you may have.
Elaine N

“Peaceful Mt. Helix”
Thank you so much and I so appreciated the great job you and your crew did with my sale.
Hope your holidays were fun and Happy 2022!
Kathryn S

Mission Hills Estate “Cozy Classic Comfort”
Thank you for all your help in clearing out many years of things I had no use for and no ability to dispose of. You made it possible for me to just relax and leave it in your hands.  I have had a pretty rough few months and you took a huge burden from me. Thank you so much.
Karen C

La Jolla “Cozy Coastal Cottage”
These words are written in enthusiastic and sincere support of Appraisals and Liquidations. A dear family member had recently passed away, and my co-trustee and I were faced with the daunting and herculean task of sorting through, ultimately emptying, and finally preparing a fully-furnished house to be put on the market.

I was extremely grateful for the verbal and written details given me by these women, but frankly I could not quite believe that the comprehensive and all-inclusive services they described could actually exist.

But Appraisals and Liquidations does indeed exist, is indeed real, and meets every expectation described in their verbal descriptions, in their paperwork, and on their website! A fully- furnished house was totally emptied and left meticulously clean in record time!

Empathy with and openness to a client’s individual situation is a quality that is vitally important but often missing in our particular time and digital age. The quality of hard and valuable work with almost immediate visible and “felt” results which Appraisals and Liquidations provided gave us constant encouragement and reassurance that we could get through this monumental task.

Virginia and Jan are the embodiment of their motto: “Tying up loose ends with care and compassion”. And much more!
Thank you, Appraisals and Liquidations!

Karen K

El Cajon “Rustic Pickins”
Jan and Virginia,
Thank you for the updates and all your hard work. I look forward to the opportunity to work with you again.
Charlene L

“Mt. Helix on High”
Thank you. You’ve been a lot of help. I have felt overwhelmed and your expertise are most appreciated. Thank you again.
Mary E

La Jolla “Delightful La Jolla”
Hi Jan and Virginia,
Thank you very much. I appreciate your talents, drive and spirit and your kind souls on top of all of that!
Thank you for making the sale a success.
Best to you and your team.
Steve W

“Escondido Secluded Retreat”
Jan and Virginia,
Thank you and your team for the professional and caring approach to the sale. Bonnie and I are delighted with the results.
Bob D